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The Business of Medical Cannabis

Recreational cannabis has taken over blocks in major North American cities after Canada, and many American states legalized the plant. Today, it isn’t uncommon to find cannabis stores practically side by side.

However, medical cannabis is in a separate category of law. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for about two decades. Plus, in Canada, which has public and not privatized healthcare, for-profit companies are getting into the medical cannabis business.

Let’s take a closer look at how they’re doing it.


The growing medical cannabis industry lets patients access all the latest products from a licensed producer, but first, they need to register online. For existing patients, you may need to transfer your medical document from another licensed producer, which they will happily grant when you send them the request.

New patients can register online and begin the process from square one easily from their homes. You will need to get a valid medical document.

Medical Documents

Medical cannabis can help to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms. Before taking it, you need authorization from your doctor or healthcare practitioner. They give patients a medical document that permits them to shop online for medical cannabis.

Speak to your doctor in person or via an online portal to get your medical document. Once you’ve got it, you can drop it off in person to the pharmacy or submit it via fax or mail.


Once everything is submitted and in order, the pharmacy will verify patients, who can then login and begin to shop for the medical cannabis they need. However, they don’t shop for it the way recreational cannabis users would.

Instead, they follow the guidance outlined by their doctor or cannabis-trained pharmacist, who recommends a cultivar, product, and dosage level based on their needs. By factoring in their knowledge of cannabis and the human body, only a certified healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist has the experience, training, and legal authority to proscribe medical cannabis.

Medical patients can’t get their medicine from a recreational cannabis store or an ordinary dispensary.

Possible Discounts

Some pharmacies that offer medical cannabis also offer premium prices and the occasional discount for certain patients or during monthly sales. Browse their website to see if there’s a price drop on the strain you need or one that also meets the standards proscribed by your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Some pharmacies offer steady discounts to seniors and veterans. Look on their website to see if you meet the criteria for a discount. You’ll find the best pharmacies have a huge range of products, including concentrates, edibles, oils, pens, and more.

Patients need the right medicine, and it should be accessible. Try to be resourceful by looking for a discount before you make your purchase.

People may be surprised to learn that private companies are selling medical cannabis in countries known for public healthcare, but it’s happening. If you’re looking for medical cannabis to treat what’s ailing, speak to a doctor or healthcare practitioner and follow the above procedures to get the medicine you need.