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How and Where New Investors Should Buy Gold

Gold is the investment that lasts a lifetime. Companies rise and fall, interest rates on bonds go up and down, cash is constantly losing value to inflation and threatened by currency debasement, but gold endures.

Gold is the oldest and longest-lasting exchange of value in the world, first transformed into gold coins in 700 B.C. in the ancient kingdom of Lydia, where it quickly spread to Ancient Greece and became an international standard of currency. Even before the first gold coins were minted, wealth was stored by sovereigns and powerful people in the form of gold jewelry and other treasures, it just wasn’t used as commonly for the exchange of goods. Even in later periods, gold was largely out of reach of most, and metals like copper and silver were used instead, with a fixed exchange to gold.

In the post-gold-standard world, gold has again become a way to store wealth as an investment vehicle. There are some gold bugs who insist that gold is a wise investment because currency debasement will eventually force a return to the gold standard. Whether or not that will indeed come to pass is an open question, but in the meantime, gold remains a reliable investment for those who want a place to put their money that’s safe from economic crises, inflation, and currency debasement.

It’s time for you to learn how easy it is to buy gold and where you can get the best prices.

Where Can You Get Better Gold Prices?

Buy gold online to enjoy the lowest possible prices. Premiums over spot vary depending on the type of gold product you buy and where you buy them. Online gold shops can offer lower premiums.

There’s not much you can do about the gold spot price, which fluctuates the way any stock or commodity would. Keep an eye on gold prices and decide when the right time is for you. If you remain worried about timing, investment strategies like dollar cost averaging can reduce your risks.

Who Can You Trust When You Buy Gold?

It’s not hard to find legitimate gold shops online. One thing to look for is 100% insurance on shipping, including tracking and signature-required delivery. Some gold shops will even offer a returns policy. If gold coins or bars are not up to your expectations, you can return them. If you are a high net worth investor, some gold shops will even provide a senior business executive who can help you streamline your gold purchases.

Can They Sell You Gold as Part of a Registered Retirement Account?

As with any investment, if you can buy gold with tax advantages, it makes a lot of sense to do so. Gold is often a long-term gain, and if you can cash in as part of an IRA or RRSP, you can pay the taxes in a lower income bracket once you’ve retired. When you buy gold, make sure they have an option to purchase it as a part of your retirement savings.

Start adding gold to your portfolio today by finding the right source and working out a strategy for getting more from your investments.