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Motor Scooters Are Both Fun and Practical

Motor scooters are a great idea, especially for urban transportation. Here are eight reasons why you should get one:

1. They Will Fit in Your Budget

Motor scooters are affordable and are sure to fit your budget. There are so many kinds to choose from: custom, racing, recreational, commuter or classic, there will be one that suits your lifestyle and your style of riding.

2. Lower Overhead Costs

Licensing requirements are cheaper and easier to get than for cars, and insurance is usually cheaper.

3. You’ll Save on Gas

Compared to a car, scooters get great gas mileage. So, they are a good choice for your daily commute, or even just cruising around. Most motor scooters will get over 100 miles per gallon!

4. Low Maintenance Costs

Motor scooters are reliable. For the most part, the only maintenance needed is the occasional oil change and replacing the oil filter, and even then, it is only needed after every one thousand miles.

Motor scooters are pretty simple and there are guides online that will help you if you want to do any maintenance or fix repair issues yourself.

If you need any parts for those issues, they are usually cheap and easy to find.

5. Less Fuel Burned Means Less Pollution

Because motor scooters burn less gas, they cause less pollution. Those scooters that emit more pollutants tend to be vintage scooters. Electric motor scooters are even more eco-friendly.

6. They’re Easy to Ride

Once you learn a few basic functions, they are easy to ride. Some people use them like an entry level motorcycle because they aren’t as scary as motorcycles, and a lot of motor scooter riders think of them as fun!

They are comfortable, especially compared to motorcycles, because you sit upright and the floor panels provide foot support. This difference is apparent if you ever have to do a longer distance trip.

7. Their Size Means Convenience

Being smaller than cars means it is easier to find storage and parking spots.

8. Innovation and Technology Have Made Motor Scooters Better Than Ever

Innovations for motor scooters include electric motors. Electric motor scooters have excellent ranges and are very cost effective to recharge.

The source of power for the electric motor is batteries, but there has been development in fuel cell technology. Both battery and fuel cell technology continue to improve to make their use more practical.

There are gas hybrid-electric motor scooters as well.

One motor scooter has a smart phone dock instead of a regular dashboard. It also includes a smart drive kit phone app whose functions include those of a speedometer or range indicator, displaying the range and battery charge level.

The drive kit phone app can act as a navigation system, and has “GPS Tracking” that can remotely track the position of the scooter so that you can find out where it is parked!

For anyone who wants to cut down on their transportation costs, and have some fun from riding, a motor scooter is the way to go!