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Modern Communications Tech for Health Organizations

Every organization looks for ways to take advantage of new technology, and given how many prominent multinational corporations and political parties have been hacked recently, it’s not surprising that people want technology that lets their decision-makers communicate securely.

Health organizations have turned to board portal software as their preferred technological solution. Board portal software delivers powerful, modern communications tools on a fundamentally secure platform. Read on to see specifically how health organizations have used board portal software to their advantage.


Health organizations may be privy to the very sensitive information of potentially millions of people across the country, depending on their size and the nature of the organization. If it got into the wrong hands, the information in their possession could cause both devastating health consequences for many people, and possibly subject the organization to questions of legal liability. Naturally, health organizations have an overwhelming need to keep their communications secure.

Health organizations must meet specific regulations in the United States and Canada regarding the public’s electronic health records, and these regulations have only tightened in recent years.

In the US, these regulations fall under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), while the Canadian counterpart is known as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Given that directors of health boards may become privy to details of an individual’s medical claims, encounter anecdotal mentions of patients, or come into contact with some other form of private health information, the importance of HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance for your board cannot be overstated — it’s a legal obligation.

The best board portal software complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA by protecting information that could identify an individual member of the public, preventing anyone from accessing the electronic health information. It also provides notification in the event of a breach.

Robust Security

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and the servers storing the data always adhere to independent third-party security certifications. Logging in is always simple, but each log-in can be authenticated. This means that it’s easy to verify that everybody who accessed the portal had permission to do so.

If a director’s organization-issued device goes missing, its board data can be cleared remotely. On the flip side, if a director whose device is lost needs access to board documents, they can simply log in to the board portal software on any other device.

Finally, the best board portal software allows institutions to control access and permissions so that they can fine-tune who in the organization can and can’t see particular files.

Work Together, Seamlessly

Board portal software lets board admins easily aggregate and uploads board packages, swap in new documents or edit existing ones, and alert board directors if there are any new changes.

Communications are centralized in one place, so directors won’t have to use emails and text messages. They can also share and annotate board documents. Directors will have all the information they need before, during, and after board meetings.

Health organizations play such a vital role in our society — and so, a tool that lets them work more efficiently and effectively while keeping everything secure is extremely important. That’s why board portal software is used by so many health organizations across North America.