3 Ways to Better Manage Your Data Center Suppliers

3 Ways to Better Manage Your Data Center Suppliers

How much time do you spend sourcing and searching data centers, looking for the right match? When you find one, how confident are you in your choice?

Data center and colocation centers represent a massive investment, both financially and in the time and resources, it takes to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

What if there was a way to quickly search data center suppliers with real-time prices and specs instantly at your fingertips?

There is.


1. Simplified Data Center Management


Like anything in business, someone has created a tool to help you simplify things. But, how do you know which software to choose? Upstack has a proven history of satisfied clients. They can help manage your data center suppliers more efficiently and help you spend more time on building relationships with your clients.

Whatever tool you choose, ensure that it’s able to simplify and streamline your processes. It should make life easier for your entire team and the return-on-investment shouldn’t be nebulous or difficult to pinpoint. You should be able to look at the exact time you on-boarded a new solution and be able to chart a pay off in increased efficiency and even more sales.

2. Faster and Better Site Selection


Give your engineers, architects, and data center procurement teams the tools they need to make better decisions, with less wasted time.

They need fresh data to make better business decisions for complex tasks, such as multiple cloud deployments.

3. Faster and More Accurate Quotes


How much time does your sales team spend preparing quotes for complex deals?


Faster quotes mean a much shorter sales cycle and less time spend chasing after “tire kickers” or unqualified leads. Your sales team will see an uptick in sales because they will no longer have to spend hours preparing detailed quotes. They can spend more time having the important conversations that actually close deals.


Most data center provider sales quotes include sections such as:


  • Space Allocation: How much physical space in the data center will be allocated
  • Power Allocation: The amount of power that will be available to the client
  • Interconnection: How the data within your equipment is transmitted internally or externally
  • Physical Hardware and Custom Services: Hardware that can or must be purchased separately
  • NRC: (Non-Recurring Costs)
  • MRC: (Monthly Recurring Costs MRC)


If you choose to go with Upstack, you can take advantage of the industry’s first colocation pricing normalization engine, which will free up your time and prevent mistakes when comparing costs and specs across quotes for different data center suppliers. You can create instant quotes from your colocation suppliers, based on existing MSA’s. Stay on top of your various channels and suppliers with a simple tool.


These are only a few of the benefits, but they can be transformative. Introducing the right tool into your operations can significantly shorten your sales cycle by giving your sales team the ability to instantly search and source data center providers, while quickly (or instantly) sending quotes to a higher quality of qualified leads.


If you don’t find a tool that can help you do all this, how long before your competition will?