Build Audience Connection with Experiential Marketing

Build Audience Connection with Experiential Marketing

Human being loves to hear stories. Stories are what make us unique and at the same time, they allow us to connect with others. They ignite emotion and they allow us to explore our creative and imaginative sides.


Marketers know that it takes a powerful story to truly win the hearts of consumers. These days, especially with products and services being so instantaneous and ubiquitous with the internet and social media, people want to feel as if they’re a part of a brand. When consumers develop an emotional attachment toward a brand a sense of inclusivity is created.


Give your audience an experiential marketing experience and create an emotional connection with your brand. Work with an experiential marketing agency that will bring your brand to new heights with cleverly designed event-marketing techniques that tell your brand’s unique story.


Experiential marketing is a great strategy to bring to tradeshows and industry events because there is so much direct contact between you and event attendees — your target audience.


Consider why experiential marketing is the most effective way to increase brand awareness at events. Your tradeshow exhibit booth will be bursting with energy with these tactics, and event attendees won’t want to leave!


What is Experiential Marketing?


Experiential marketing is a strategy that engages consumers with branded experiences. The concept is to create a memorable impact on the consumer that they’ll want to share with family and friends both online and off.


These experiences could include a pop-up activation, an event, part of an event, or a separate activation on its own.


Connect with Consumers Using the Five Senses


Experiential marketing is unique because it connects with consumers on a deeper level than traditional methods because it encourages people to use all of their senses. Event attendees will sample products directly, either by tasting, touching, or even smelling them — it’s an immersive experience that is difficult to forget.


To better understand this idea in action, consider how HBO literally immersed its fans in branded escape rooms at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in 2017.


HBO’s Escape Rooms


Lucky fans of the popular television series Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep had the opportunity to experience what it would feel like to be a part of the TV shows at SXSW. Cable giant HBO created individual escape rooms where fans were locked inside rooms that emulated scenes or sets from the series.


The tactic proved highly successful because it forced attendees to be fully engaged, using all of their senses. Recreating the sets of these shows for fans to actually be a part of was an incredible way of bringing these fictional narratives to life.


Experiential marketing allows you to bring your brand to life. Consumers love to know the story behind the brand and to feel as if they’re part of something important. It’s a chance for you to get creative and step outside of your comfort zone.


For your next industry event or tradeshow, don’t blend in with the crowd. Give event attendees something to remember with experiential marketing.