SEO Trends in 2020 Is All About User Intent

SEO Trends in 2020 Is All About User Intent

Just as everyone got used to recent SEO trends, they have changed once again for the new year and that means it’s back to optimizing. Ranking for search engines has strayed further from just keyword usage to writing for user intent. Google taught its new algorithm, BERT, to find websites using EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) that measures the credibility of content. SEO trends for 2020 is all about fighting zero-click searches based heavily on the specific requirements of website quality.

You don’t have to go in blind to optimize your websites because SEO experts have predicted the important trends to get more clicks like:

Zero-Click Searches

Search engines like Google are trying harder to be the last stop for users to get their answer without having to click away to another. Make your website more enticing by doing keyword research for the ones you already rank for and optimize for queries with keywords that include “why,” “when,” or “how much” for content that is specific to your website.

BERT: Artificial Intelligence

Google’s newest algorithm BERT learns that analyzes the structure of the query to determine the searcher’s intent. Optimizing for BERT means providing valuable content based on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness as mentioned earlier. Authors who are accredited experts in their field will boost your visibility as well as having other websites mentioning you even without links.


Search engines don’t just look for links to your website, but where and how many times your brand is mentioned online. This includes getting tweets or Instagram shout-outs for campaigns you have. Preparing off-site campaigns can help you get traffic from other trustworthy points online.

Search Intent

What Google’s algorithms are trying to do is learn what a user is searching for based on intent rather than only keywords. One-up the AI with your human brain and determine what queries will bring you the most traffic to avoid the aforementioned zero-click searches. Think about the three main query types: Informational, Investigational, and Transactional. In other words, know your audience, predict what they may ask, and create content with direct answers.

Improving UX

The quality of your site weighs heavily on your ranking value. Overall user experience and site technicalities need to be constantly maintained and improved. Thinking like a user, optimize your site to make a path from search engine to your website and even off your website. Make sure your page loads quickly, have clearly marked sections and headers in your content, and work on techniques to bring users back to your sites like a monthly subscription as an example.

SEO in 2020 goes all the way down to the nitty-gritty details. The core tactics like content plus linking, backlinks, keyword research, and so on still remain. But search engines are looking for intentional detail for content that follows EAT and slight adjustments to your site based on what you know about the people who visit your site can make a big difference in your site’s performance. So, if you only take one thing from this article, it should be that it’s all about intent!