How to Build Your Business Online

How to Build Your Business Online

While you might not have thousands of dollars to invest in your growing business, there are nevertheless a number of strategies you can employ to keep your business from flatlining. It only takes a little bit of imagination and effort to step up your game, and this article will explain how to grow your business online without breaking the bank.

A number of these strategies will require some time investment, but a good deal of them can be accomplished the very day you read this article.

Here are the top 4 ways you can build a better business online today.

1. Deliver High-Quality Content

The most important rule with building an online business is to create high-quality content in the form of product descriptions and your company’s blog. Engaging the audience is the key term and this is accomplished by providing them with exactly what they look for when they visit a blog: information.

Of course, you’ll need to deliver this information in a way that keeps readers reading. You’ll keep people connected to your content longer by avoiding large chunks of text law, and by separating points with headers as well as easy to absorb bullet-point lists.

Make sure you keep your language breezy but don’t dumb it down. If you’re writing about a niche industry and you need to use of jargon words, employ them freely, but don’t overdo it.

Also be sure to keep your information factual, as we now live in an age where “fake news” is thrown around more frequently than we might like. Be sure that your business and its blog are seen as a legitimate source, and only write from a factual base.

Start A Blog

Speaking of blogs, creating one that’s accessible through your website and posting to it weekly will help to increase search engine rankings by including key terms. You can also use it to connect with your audience about topics or issues relevant to your business.

It gives you a reason to spark engagement on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Furthermore, it humanizes your brand – allowing an authentic voice to come out and build brand loyalty.

2. Invest in Site Speed & Security

one little known fact is that as many as 53% of people who use mobile devices give up on any site that takes more than three seconds load. This means that any page on your site needs to be optimized for both speed and performance. Luckily, using platforms like WordPress will allow you access to a number of tools that you can use without additional cost to improve the performance of your website.

Of course, there are some protocols you cannot implement yourself, and these will require a bit of investment.

Hosting Matters

Ensure your visitors return by assuring them their information will stay safe. Partner with a strong web host that values security and provides your site with the right features and customer retention will happen naturally. Find a service provider that offers their clients a full security suite and award-winning customer service.

3. Be Mobile-Friendly

More than two-thirds of people browsing the Internet are doing so via smartphones and tablets, so if your site isn’t responsive or doesn’t have a properly implemented mobile variant, you may end up alienating a large chunk of your consumer base. Keep the following in mind if you want to retain visitors:

  • Flash is Dead: Adobe officially announced the end of Flash and for good reason. Most mobile devices do not work well with Flash and it really isn’t worth using in 2019 and beyond
  • Optimize Your Images: Rendering graphics requires a great deal of both bandwidth and time, so be sure to use the correct image sizes for your site, so you’re not keeping your users waiting
  • Pay Attention to Tappable Elements: Because most text links are too small for thumbs (especially on older, smaller smartphones), implement larger buttons that make clicking or touching easier for users
  • Users Prefer Easy Navigation: Make sure you don’t overfill your navigation menu because if it fills too much of the smartphone screen, it will appear overwhelming for your users

Being mobile-friendly will require a few adjustments to your website, but it will be well worth the investment.

4. SEM and SEO

Search engine marketing helps to promote websites in a search engine, boosting their visibility, and this is often done through advertising. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, tries to increase rankings organically – this is done by embedding frequently searched keywords into a website’s content, submitting content that mentions the brand to third parties, or having third parties sponsor a company in their own content.

The more a business is mentioned online through word of mouth, the sooner they’ll climb to the top ranks of Google – making it easier to entice new visitors.

List Your Site in Online Directories

Posting on directories can give your site a quick boost; they’ll list your local business name, address (if applicable) and phone number – and for a small fee they’ll list you first. These are the yellow pages of the internet – many people searching for a specific service in a geographical area can connect to the businesses that’ll provide them with it.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media is a great way to create buzz and link interesting content back to your website or brand. Using specific hashtags can also get what you post more likes and visibility. It’s a way to engage your audience on a day-to-day basis without having to post daily content to your website, although you can certainly use social media to promote everything on your site from a sale to a blog post.

Getting your business online is the best thing you can do to build revenue in today’s technologically savvy world but bear in mind that it’s just as important to maintain the strength of your presence if you want to reap the benefits and watch your initiative grow.

It’s not enough to simply have a business site anymore, you must put in the work to have your online presence noticed, and to ensure its relevance. Startup business don’t always have the money to allot big budgets towards paid advertising, therefore making organic, grassroots efforts will be key.