How to Overcome 6 Major Challenges for Process Manufacturers

How to Overcome 6 Major Challenges for Process Manufacturers

Process manufacturers create products that cannot be converted back into its base components and many companies face issues when it comes to process manufacturing due to its complexity. This is why enterprise resource solutions (ERP) like Sage’s Enterprise Management (EM) are so important to manufacturers who want to improve and/or automate their processes for better performance and ultimately better customer service.


Here are six challenges faced from process manufacturers and the solutions that Sage EM can provide for you and your manufacturing company.


1. Formula and recipe management

When it comes to processes involving formula and recipe management, Lack of automation can lead to slow down. When this happens a product takes longer to get to the customer.

By using process manufacturing software like Sage EM, you’ll be able to manage all aspects of sales, stock control, and inventory management, through automated processes, saving you time and ultimately money.

2. Quality control

Many process manufacturers experience difficulty managing quality control with efficiency, and lack the time and resources to properly perform quality checks.

Using Sage EM software, companies can create and input unique quality check specifications for a number of different products. The quality management application will use these specifications to send a message to the quality control staff when raw materials are received, including information about the product and lot number, as well as the warehouse location.

3. Traceability and Lot tracking

It can be difficult to keep track of ingredients and products, especially when they are lot-controlled in order to meet company and government regulations for warranties and quality assurance.

With the right ERP solution, companies can keep up with serialization and traceability by providing reliable information about stocks of raw materials, packaging, and finished products.

4. Production schedule management

Producing schedules that optimize the time of teams within the company can be difficult, especially when aiming to achieve the best efficiency.

Businesses can utilize Sage EM’s extensive criteria parameters, such as shifts, hours, or any other time formats that fit production cycles, to improve efficiency and make labour intensive tasks easier, more efficient, and even more accurate.

5. Regulation compliance

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is maintaining regulatory compliance outlined by the government or other regulatory bodies.

Sage EM can be used to create a production system that is in line with regulatory requirements. It can also apply the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to your processes, which is a production and testing practice that validates all critical processes to ensure consistency and compliance.

6. Supply chain management

Maintaining high standards when it comes to supply chain conformity and transparency can be daunting.

That’s why Sage EM is designed to automate a variety of supply chain activities using scanning and barcoding, ensuring that materials and products are accounted for, as well as providing greater visibility and better insights.

The Only Solution You Need

Sage Enterprise Management provides an all-in-one solution to all of your process manufacturing challenges. By utilizing cloud technology you can access necessary information on the go, making it easier to remain mobile in such a demanding industry.

And being flexible and adaptable is incredibly important in today’s market, so don’t get left behind and make the switch to help your company achieve great success.