Preventing Identity Theft Has Never Been Easier

Preventing Identity Theft Has Never Been Easier

It’s easy for people to get worried today given how many hacks and security breaches there have been in the news lately. While identity theft is a distinct threat from cybercrime, there’s panic in the air and it’s essential to keep safe from all threats.

Thankfully, it has never been easier to prevent identity theft because professional shredders make it simple. Keep on reading to learn more about mobile shredding services offered by the top-tier pro shredders.

Mobile Paper Shredding

Usually when people think about shredding they think of paper, and this is indeed a common hazard people have around their home. You don’t need to be involved in something illicit or even particularly secretive to accumulate extremely sensitive paper documents.

Being a citizen with a bank account and a work history is enough to produce information you don’t want shared with anybody else. If you have old tax info, bank records, papers with passwords or usernames written on them, old contracts or business plans, or any other paper document you don’t want anyone else to see, get them professionally shredded.

The best companies can come right to your doorstep and shred the documents from the curb. For larger volumes of paper they will still come right to you, but they’ll transport the documents to their facility and shred them there.

Either way the liability is gone, quickly and conveniently.

Recycling Commitment

Don’t use a professional shredder unless they’re committed to recycling. The best companies all have long and illustrious histories recycling all materials properly.

Look for a company that didn’t just begin recycling when it became trendy, because experience matters. Recycling paper is straightforward, but things get complex when electronics and other materials become involved because they may contain hazardous components which need to be recycled carefully.

There are companies which, through their commitment to recycling, have already saved the equivalent of over 100,000 trees. The need for people and industry to reduce their carbon footprint can’t be overstated, so only use a professional shredder that is experienced in recycling.

NAID Member

Finally, it’s important to use a company that is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, or NAID. NAID is the only industry watchdog that ensures that professional shredders comply with the best practices in secure data destruction by doing unannounced and random audits.

Look for a professional shredder that is one of about 2,000 members of NAID, so you know you’re getting a reliable shredder. If they aren’t a member of NAID, their standards aren’t high enough.

It’s understandable that the slew of multinational companies and even political parties that have been hacked lately have received the bulk of the media attention, but staying safe in the modern world means protecting yourself from old threats too. Non-digital identity theft and even corporate sabotage still occur all the time, and can cost you untold headaches and financial drain — stopping it has never been easier, just call a professional shredder.