Ease the Lives of Your Staff, Get Employee Scheduling Software

Ease the Lives of Your Staff, Get Employee Scheduling Software

People often talk about technology for all the wonderful and powerful things it can do, but sometimes new and complex technology can be confusing. What is the use of advanced technology, if in practice it is too complicated to use?

Restaurants around North America — especially those owned by millennials, who tend to be early adopters of technology — are increasingly using employee scheduling software to improve their business operations and to simplify the lives of their staff.

Here are a few ways this software makes life easy for your employees.

Better Schedules, Faster

The main thing employee scheduling software does is produce schedules everyone will love, in 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This saves your staff from having to waste time at work juggling so many variables in the effort to create a schedule that works for everybody.

Aside from the time saved, the software produces better schedules by using automation to account for variables that don’t change, such as overtime hours reached, and using manual inputs for variables that regularly do change, such as staff availability.

Employees will love being able to let their boss know when they can and cannot work as soon as they themselves find out, by simply indicating their availability remotely via the app’s calendar — you can use employee scheduling software for your staff to make life easy, and to stay connected in a way they’ll truly appreciate.

Stay Connected on the Go

Employee scheduling software doesn’t just turn off after creating a schedule. Rather, it is a constant tool that makes it easy to ensure that the staffing needs at the restaurant are always met.

Imagine if an emergency requires the manager to need to find a replacement on short notice. They can simply send a message to a group thread, which everyone is likely to see because they get a notification on their phone immediately. Then, whoever is free to cover the shift can tell the group.

This process reduces the amount of time wasted between messages, so the problem gets solved as quickly as possible.

Advanced Time-Clocking

Workers are used to punching “in” or “out” of work, but employee scheduling software takes this to a new level. Restaurants can customize breaks, so workers can register with the machine that the break they’re taking is for “lunch,” or “coffee,” or something else.

If employees accidentally forget to punch out of a shift, the software can be programmed to sign them out automatically. This integrated time-tracking helps with labor compliance and relays more accurate information to management, helping star employees get the recognition they deserve by unlocking productivity insights.

Employee Feedback

Employee scheduling software allows employees to give their managers feedback on how each shift went, either anonymously or with their name disclosed. This way they can feel comfortable giving their real opinion. Feedback also allows managers to get the perspective of their frontline staff in how their operations are running.

Technology is evolving all the time, and some of the latest innovations are truly dazzling. When you decide to incorporate new tech into your restaurant, make sure that it can deliver on clearly defined goals, and make everybody’s lives easier.