Get the Most out of your iPhone with these Seven Tips

Get the Most out of your iPhone with these Seven Tips

There are features of your iPhone that you love and use every day, but there are also others that you would love, too – if you knew about them!

Here are some iPhone tips and tricks, and iPhone shortcuts that are worth finding out about:

1. Prolong your iPhone’s Battery Life

Apple added an option to its Battery Health feature called “Optimized Battery Charging”, which is designed to extend battery life.

It slows the rate of battery aging by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. It uses machine learning to understand your daily charging patterns, so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use your phone. Being fully charged can degrade a battery.

To do this, tap Settings, scroll down, tap Battery, tap Battery Health, toggle the switch to the On position.

2. Stop Unknown Callers

Open the Settings app, tap phone and toggle Silence Unknown Callers. Goodbye robocalls!

3. Set Custom Vibrations

Custom ringtones are common, but custom vibrations are not so widely known.

Open Settings, go to General, then Accessibility. In Accessibility you can find Hearing. Go there to turn on Custom Vibrations. From there, navigate back to Settings and open Sounds again.

At the bottom, you’ll find Vibration Patterns. Tap this option and customize vibrations at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the pattern you want, and assign it to a specific contact.

4. Camera Flashes can be Used for Alerts

Go to Settings, then General, then to Accessibility. From there, find Flash for Alerts. Slide On and the LED in your iPhone can start to be used for alerts.

5. Save Images Directly from Websites

If you find an imagine that you want to make your wallpaper, put your finger on that image and hold for a second or two.

A menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen, where you can find the Save Image option. Just save it!

6. Customize Messages when you Ignore a Call

Sometimes you just have to ignore a call. But instead of leaving your friends and family wondering, you can send them a custom text.

Your iPhone has three pre-written options: “Sorry, I can’t talk right now”, “I’m on my way” and “Can I call you later?”, or you can overwrite those three options with your own text.

To do that, open your Settings app, tap “Phone”, tap “Respond with Text”, tap which field you want to edit and enter new text.

7. Create Shortcuts

Shortcuts make navigation faster and easier, and saves your batteries.

For example, you could set up a shortcut for when you’re on your way home from an event, that will open a navigation app, pull up directions to your house, and notify your partner when you’ll get home. Here’s how:

Open the Shortcuts App, tap Get Started, tap Gallery at the bottom right, tap what shortcut you want to use, tap Get Shortcut, follow the steps to configure the shortcut.

Get more out of your iPhone with these tips!