Five Things to Know About Electric Skateboards

Five Things to Know About Electric Skateboards

An electric skateboard is like a regular skateboard, except the speed is controlled by a wireless, handheld throttle remote.

The riders body weight controls forward motion by shifting weight to the front of the board, while braking is controlled by shifting the weight to the rear. Left or right direction is adjusted by tilting to either side.

Here are five things that are necessary for an electric skateboard to be good, and the electric skateboard that has that quality:


Good wheels will give you better speed, mileage and a longer lifespan, and reflect the quality of the board.

#1. Swagtron Swagboard NG-1

This affordable skateboard reaches a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour, with a remote control that is simple to use. It is fast, yet stable.

Part of this is due to its large polyurethane wheels, which gives stability on any terrain, as well as being scratch, heat and water resistant.

Battery Cell Quality

Battery cell quality affects the speed and mileage of your skateboard and poor grade battery cells will affect the operation of the motor.

#2. Acton Blink S

This skateboard is beautiful and is made out of the finest quality material. The remote control is Bluetooth operated, and easy to use. Built-in safety lights give better visibility at night, for greater safety.

The battery barely takes an hour to charge when the battery is down to 0%, and it lasts up to 7 miles on a single charge.


Connectivity is important, but like connectivity of any device, there are bound to be glitches. You shouldn’t have to deal with excessive problems, so read reviews to determine if a skateboard has major issues.

#3. WOWGO 2S with Wireless Remote Control

The electronic components on the board are bonded using a special kind of glue to minimize damage by external elements like rain or dust.

This skateboard’s remote is excellent and user-friendly. The remote doesn’t disconnect from the board easily, which makes it more reliable. And it is well made, of quality materials.

Weight and Portability

Weight and portability figure into what you are using your skateboard for, and how it fits into your lifestyle.

#4. Boosted Dual+

This skateboard is popular because of its quality and lifespan, and the fact that it is the fastest electric skateboard there is, with a powerful 2000w motor.

This motor has the power to climb steep hills easily, and yet give a smooth ride on the rough terrain.

It weighs only 15 pounds, with a deck length of 27 inches and width of 10 inches so it is easy to carry.

Control and Stability

Full control of your skateboard means getting around efficiently and makes for a good experience.

#5. RazorX Cruiser

This skateboard is affordable, and as such its motor isn’t as powerful as more expensive skateboards. It has a maximum speed of 10 mph. The 29.7-inch-long deck is made of 5-ply maple, which makes it durable. Its high-grip urethane wheels give a good grip, increasing the stability and making it safer.

Have fun!